class bullet

The bullet class handles all bullet objects.

When constructing a bullet object user defines the sprite-index s_index (that is, how bullet should look like), the starting position x,y, and z_order value z.
bg_f: background flag, if this flag is set, when doing a remove() to bullet object bullet-background is retained, otherwise a black rectangle size of bullet is drawn.
User may choose to write bullet to the dest BITMAP upon creation by setting the d flag.

A bullet may have an owner-player , if this is the case player 's score is updated when the bullet object is goes out of scoop.

The st_bullet_params parameter contains the rectangle-border where the bullet may be drawn, a set of test-colors ands z-order values that used for collision detection. See the bullet::action() for more info about this.

For each frame user have to call the remove(), action() and draw() method.