class stars

The stars class is a simple, easy-to-use component that can be used to add stars to your game.

The stars constructor sets all parameters. A stars instance has n stars , spread on the area of x_low, y_low (top left), x_high, y_high (bottom right).

stars speed on y-scale is set to y_speed.
stars would blink in a rate that f_show is how many frames star is shown, f_blank - stars would not be drawn.
Thus, if f_show = 15 and f_blank = 5; then stars would be blank for 25% of time.

By using the first constructor , all stars have same color.

By using the second constructor , there would be n_cols types of colors picked from col array.
If the col_s is > 0, we get the effect of fading-out stars. This is used in GALVADERS game. Take a look at the game-palette (index 215 and above) for more information.

By setting cols_s to zero, star-color would not change as it moves.

If the d flag is set, stars would be written to dest BITMAP upon creation.

After creation of stars instant, user should call remove() , move() and draw() for every frame.