class text_msg

The text_msg class is important component that can be useful in many project.
This class handles text-output to bitmap. A text_msg object works with any size of text, including multi-line.
The text is written to dest BITMAP.

Text properties include:
1. font
2. fg/bg color (-1 for transparent text).
3. Text alignment.
That is, alignment in respect to the text location given by x,y.
For example x,y will be center-of-text when using TEXT_CENTER
alignment for x,y scale
4. background tile. text is printed on tile-background
5. floating/non floating text.
for floating-text, background is retained when text is removed from BITMAP.
non floating text would leave a black rectangle.
6. text may be moved with set_pos.

The way to work with this class, is just as with the base_image sprite class.
For each an every frame a remove() and draw() should be committed.
When constructing a text_msg object:
text_msg object makes a private-copy of char *t array.
x,y would define text position on the dest BITMAP.
f is the font type (int - DATAFILE array index)
float_flag - When this flag is set, text_msg retains the background on remove()
tc, bg_c are the text-color and background-color.
Use (-1) for transparent text.
BITMAP *bt_t, is the background tile.
Use a NULL pointer when not in use.
When defining a BITMAP tile for a text_msg object, the object create a private-copy of this BITMAP.
Thus, original BITMAP may be freed without causing a crash.
When d flag is set, text written to dest BITMAP on creation.
Set f_counter and b_frames for a value > 0 if you want text to blink.
For example, if f_counter = 8 and b_frames=2
, text would be blank on 20% from time.

Check out the base.h file for more features of this class.